About Us

Two of Sail-A-Way's Cruise boats at the Port

Sail-A-Way is a cruise line, that was established in 2015 to help to find an affordable way to spend your vacations with your loved ones. The same year they were founded, they launched a website called SailAway.com. By May, the website was available to the public and a few months later the helpline was set up. They ordered their first cruise ship and named it, “Salem of the Sea”. While the boat was in development, customers were able to schedule for our cruise experiences that starts on June 21, 2016. This date was a memorable day, since “Salem of the Sea” set sail on their first cruise with 1,000 guests. This cruise embarks in Pittsburgh PA and stops at three locations in the Caribbeans, Half Moon Cay, Turk Island, Nassau, and returned to Pittsburgh to disembarked. In 2017, a milestone was accomplished when they created Target ads on YouTube and Social Media platforms like Instagram. By 2018, their guest on each cruise rose to 3,000 passengers. To keep up with the demand of this increase they were able to purchase 4 other Cruise ships within two years. In 2019, a huge step was taken to purchase “Argentina”. This would be their biggest ship and estimated to have a total of 6,500 passengers.

The following year, a new virus came around, Covid-19, that would cause suspension of departure during the month of March. On April 9, the CDC extended the no sail order by 100 days until July24, 2020. We would ultimately scrap a ship called “Maroon of the Ocean Blue” due to the pandemic fall out. The CDC would extend the no sail order until Sept. 30, 2020, and then pushed back another month. All Cruises have been cancelled up to October 31, 2020. Sail-A Way has kept their guests in continuous contact about what is happening with CDC guidelines and purchase of their cruise.

Sail-A-Way announced that when they start sailing again, they will require all crew members and passengers to be tested for Covid-19 before departure. There was a 250-million-dollar loss because of the pandemic. All the cruises were cancelled once again due to the pandemic. All sails would be cancelled until March of 2021 and then extended again to July. Sail-A-Way is looking forward to setting sail sometime this year. They are requiring all guest and crew members to be fully vaccinated and tested before we set sail.