Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Why do you wear a face mask during the cruise?

The reason you wear a face mask during the cruise is to protect people from getting sick and adhere to CDC guidelines.

Question 2

Where would you wear them?

Masks are required to be worn indoors only.

Question 3

If you become ill, where should you go?

If one of the crew members or quests starts feeling ill, they should be taken to the infirmary located on the lower deck by the Gallery Room.

Question 4

Will there be hand sanitizer available on the ship?

Due to the increase in COVID numbers, we have decided to add more sanitizer stations.

Question 5

Will room service still be available?

Room service is still available. Please fill out the door hanger located on your desk with your request by 6AM every morning.

Question 6

Will the crew members clean and maintain all the rooms of the ship?

Workers will be assigned their areas to clean the ship. If you do not want your room clean, please hang the "Do Not Disturb" hanger on your door.